Friday, July 20, 2012

Using the Social Media to Promote Your Business

There are some people that think "social media marketing" is just the latest buzz in marketing.The truth is that you can actually use these sites to market and promote your products and services. Social media is all about interacting with colleagues, potential customers as well as current customers. Statistics show that there are approximately 1.4 billion of Internet users worldwide. And every year, it is always increasing, with increasing hours of Internet consumption in a week. This goes to show that majority of the people nowadays are online.
It’s important to have content on your social media pages before you start adding friends and followers. When you try to find friends, they’re going to look at the page to see if they want to follow you. So you need to give them a reason to follow you first. Provide valuable information about the industry. Post pictures of your business or people enjoying your business. KEEP EVERYONE IN THE LOOP: All of your company’s employees are your valuable assets. Hence, when you are chalking out a social media business strategy, you would want to be sure that you are involving them as well. These are your best bets for spreading the word about something that your company produces or is involved with. Nobody likes to be thrown out while they are trying to enjoy talking with their friends and viewing some of their Tweets. Therefore, if someone follows your account, then do not interrupt their news feed all day with your promotions! Take part in some discussions that are being held amongst other relevant businesses and consumers. This way you will be able to give feedback on their conversation and then maybe even meet new potential customers.


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